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The Collaborative Construction movement is revolutionizing the construction industry. serves as a gateway to the collaborative revolution that is sweeping the construction industry. The collaborative revolution is blowing the doors off the old 'best practices' and replacing them with a new generation of tools that will render the construction industry as we know it obsolete. Many consumers are familiar with 3-D Modeling software that allows designers and their clients to instantly observe proposed changes to the structure. The resulting 3-D Image is pretty, but red flags, added costs, and conflicts between systems lurk in the background, awaiting discovery by some unlucky subcontractor during construction. In the new collaborative environment such problems will be spotted instantly!

Modern Building Information Modeling software and technology, implemented via the Collaborative Construction Resource System, and in accordance with emerging collaborative agreements and lean construction principles, is arming the construction industry with exciting new tools that will allow all parties to a major construction project to collaborate extensively from the pre-conception stage through, if necessary, the de-commissioning of the facility. These exciting new changes will allow the construction industry to deliver facilities of exceptional quality and energy efficiency on time and on budget.

CCR helps stakeholders in the construction industry (including architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, owners, sureties and others) take advantage of the transformative effect of innovative collaborative contracts that are sweeping the industry. Typical of these emerging agreements is the recently released ConsensusDOCS 300: Standard Form of Tri-Party Agreement for Collaborative Project Delivery, (ConsensusDOCS 300). When combined with Lean Project Delivery System™ techniques and Building Information Modeling technology and software the widespread adoption of these new agreements will revolutionize the construction industry. CCR uses a unique and innovative Multi-Party Consulting Agreement to introduce clients to CCR's innovative and cutting edge Collaborative Construction Resource System (CCRS).

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